Nature's Color
Nature's Color

Pine Needle & Mulch

Pine Needle Coloring

When using pine needles, a new light layer of pine needles is spread and  then the colorant is applied. The color lasts 4-9 months, in most cases in in 6 months a new layer of pine needles will be spread and another layer of colorant is applied.


Mulch Coloring

If there is existing mulch in the natural areas, with no dirt showing through, all that is needed is a topically applied layer of color. Therefore, costing the property owner much less than applying new mulch.

If mulch is needed, mulch will be applied in only the areas it is needed and the natural areas will be colored to match. Therefore, making it less expensive than re-applying mulch to the entire property.

By coloring the mulch, you keep the mulch beds from having a large build up of mulch.

The most common colors are black, mahogany, and red.

The colorant applied to pine needles and mulch is non-toxic
and is not harmful to your plants or pets.

The colorant will not wash off in the rain.