Pine Straw and Mulch Coloring

Nature’s Color’s product has been perfected for 

pine straw and mulch and has currently been applied on millions of square feet for numerous satisfied clients.  Our product is safe for your plants and animals and is made from naturally occurring colors found in the earth’s surface and is completely Non-toxic and Non-hazardous.  The colorant will not wash off in the rain.

Our product adds exceptional beauty to residential landscapes, apartment complexes, golf courses, subdivision entrances, commercial properties and more.

Pine Straw Coloring

We topically apply our exclusive colorant on your existing pine straw beds or freshly pine strawed beds.  The pine straw colorant will keep its new color for approximately 8-12 months.  At the end of 8-12 months, and when it’s time to reapply the colorant, you simply touch up the pine straw by adding only a light topping of straw…thus saving even more money than a complete replacement of pine straw.


Mulch Coloring

If there is existing mulch in the natural areas, with no dirt showing through, all that is needed is a topically applied layer of color. Therefore, costing the property owner much less than applying new mulch.

If mulch is needed, mulch will be applied in only the areas it is needed and the natural areas will be colored to match. Therefore, making it less expensive than re-applying mulch to the entire property. By coloring the mulch, you keep the mulch beds from having a large buildup of mulch. The most common colors are black, brown, and red.

Let Nature’s Color make your current pine straw or mulch

Look better than new…

And for significantly less!